Buying a home

Buying a house under construction means buying something that clearly exists only on paper at that moment. Since this is an extremely important decision for your life (and your finances), it is better not to make hasty decisions and acquire as much information as possible about that property, possibly without letting yourself be influenced too much by the images and models that the company of construction and the agency have made for their customers

In this regard, you must know that there is a document that can be of great help in the evaluation: it is called the specifications , it is an integral part of the sales contract and contains a precise description of the characteristics of the house under construction.

So the first thing you need to do if you want to avoid nasty surprises is to request a vision of the specifications. In practice, the company is required to carry out the construction of the building by scrupulously complying with the contents of the specifications. The latter must specify, for example, how the excavations and backfilling will be carried out, how the reinforced concrete works will be carried out, how acoustic insulation between walls and floors will be guaranteed (a fundamental aspect for tranquility in the house), what characteristics will the dividing walls between the different housing units have (the presence of thermo-acoustic insulating panels in glass wool is essential) and what the walls inside the housing units will be, how the elevated structures (pillars) will be built,

But the specifications must also specify in detail the characteristics of plaster and paint, materials used for window sills, thresholds, floors and coverings, types of windows, shutters and doors, characteristics of the air conditioning system, plumbing system, etc.

The company must carry out the construction of the property by complying with every minimum detail provided for in the specifications: number of TV sockets in the living room-kitchen rather than in the bedroom, number of light points, number of telephone sockets, number of switches, installation (if any) of video intercom, antenna, satellite system, burglar alarm, etc.