Do we need education? Are we already educated? Are we spoiling our society with this so-called education? Do it brings any change to us?

For the answers, first of all, let us discuss:

What is Education?

  • It is power, ability, capability, potential, energy, and confidence.
  • It is something that inspires us, motivates us, and even improves us to become a better version of ourselves.
  • It makes us feel so powerful and free that we wish to raise high in the sky and grab all the KNOWLEDGE in this world.
  • The person doesn’t need to have plenty of degrees to be educated. “EDUCATION DOES COME WITH DEGREES.” But we can’t underestimate others’ education levels with an utterly tallying number of degrees.

Education is worthy not degrees:

Do we need Education?

It is not about getting something exceptional, it is about adding value to ourselves. We all are born with some talent or have our interests; education helps us to improve those skills to the perfectionist levels.

Are we spoiling our society with the so-called education?

It develops a positive attitude towards society. Don’t you think we are living wisely and the crimes are decreasing day by day, women are empowering, at least a few people have changed their viewpoint on women, they are getting opportunities in the corporate world, accepting the fact that still, they are not getting the level of respect they deserve but we are improving on this ground as well.

It increases our values and standard of living, hence we are improving and adding value to our society. This is our responsibility to look after and contribute to the betterment as we are part of it.


Is it the back-breaking process of grasping education, nowadays?

Post-pandemic things have fallen apart to a great extent but education strived its way to seekers. Educational institutions turned up to online learning platforms such as online classes through different apps, uploaded videos, etc. Online courses are in great demand these days. We can improve many skills through online learning such as Marketing, E-commerce, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Website Structure, Customer Awareness, Search Engine Marketing, etc.

Acquiring education these days has become more comfortable and even many degrees don’t have age limits too.


Education is worthy, not mere degrees, use it wisely to improve yourself and contribute to the enhancement of society.