Every Home Buyer Needs to Know About Mortgages

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What are the documents required to sell a property?

If you are a seller you need to submit all the documents related to the property. Submission of proper documents will lead to safer transfer without any further problems.

 If you are a buyer you need to receive all the documents related to the property. If the seller refuses to provide the document, confidentially refuses to buy the property. Make sure to buy the property only with the required documents. The property selling is easier at https://www.h3homebuyers.com/sell-land-fast-ohio/.

  • Letter of allotment: it is the primary document. The document will conform to the transfer of property to your name from the authority or society. The document is the primary proof that the property has been transferred to your name.
  • Sales deed: the sales deed will trace the ownership of the property. The seller must get the deed from the previous owner. The seller must provide the sales deed to the buyer. It will be helpful to prove past chain ownership.
  • Sanctioned plan: copy of the building-approved plan and occupation certificate must be provided. This will ensure the building has all the legal authorization. It will provide you with information that the current, water is authorized by the authorities.
  • Society documents: if you are a seller, you need to obtain a property transfer certificate from the authorities. The seller must provide original stamped payments made by the developer or builder by the present and previous sellers.
  • Sale agreement: once all the procedures are completed both parties can agree. Along with the agreement you can attach the sales deed. The sales agreement is signed on a non-judicial stamp paper by the buyer and seller. The sales agreement is a powerful document since it can be provided as evidence as it involves legal values.


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