Pittsburgh car accident lawyer

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries, and they have the potential to result in settlement payments from the trucking company or from insurance. Experts in this field are called expert witnesses. There are many types of expert witnesses for truck accident cases, including biomechanical engineers, trauma surgeons and toxicologists. Here are the roles of these expert witnesses in truck accident cases.

Truck Accident Investigation

Truck accident experts can review the accident site and study its data with the help of Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer. They can also review the truck operator’s training records, his medical record and work history, as well as any drug or alcohol test results. They may have to check out the driver’s vehicle and driving habits, too. The expert witnesses should also know about the trucking company’s operations and management policies.

Truck Driver Behavior

Truck accident experts may be asked about details about the truck driver’s behavior before, during and after an incident. For instance, they can explain driver fatigue, the truck driver’s decision-making process, the truck driver’s tendencies when driving and how often he brakes. Experts in this field are sometimes able to create a 3D model of the accident scene from a digitized image of it.

Truck Driver Biomechanics

Expert witnesses in this field can explain biomechanical causes for a serious injury. For example, they can show what bodily functions are required to move the steering wheel or operate the brakes. They can explain how much force is needed to cause serious injuries and how this force is transferred through a vehicle. They may also explain how the truck driver’s injury was caused by driving conditions, such as road surface and weather.

Pittsburgh car accident lawyer

Truck Accident Toxicology

Trucking accident experts may be asked whether drugs or alcohol played a part in an incident. They can explain how much of the drug or alcohol was consumed, when it was consumed and whether there were any signs that the driver was under the influence. They may also be asked if the driver was distracted at the time of an accident.

Motor Vehicle Collision Analyst

Truck accident experts in this field are called motor vehicle collision analysts (MVCAs). They can explain how a collision occurred using graphical animations and a variety of other visual aids.